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Please note: minimum age for enrollment is 6 years.

This bespoke program, developed in response to requests from our distinguished alumni, including royal families, aims to provide a personalized and intimate learning experience for students.

The Masterminds VIP Difference

The Program operates on a micro-school model with small groups of 5-6 students, ensuring that each child receives dedicated attention and a curriculum tailored to their unique needs and aspirations.

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Our Revolutionary, Personalized Curriculum

Customize subject selection and frequency to enhance your child’s learning experience. 

While the base curriculum is UK, it is significantly enhanced with Masterminds’ proprietary teaching methodologies based on Nobel Prize winning childhood education research, as well as best practices from leading international curriculums, including IB and American.

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Illustrative Core Curriculum Plan 

Enhance Their Education with Our Enrichment Activities

Curated by our educational specialists, our bespoke activity and learning program cultivates resilience, creativity, leadership, and discipline in our young learners:

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Languages: Arabic, French, Russian, Chinese 

Music & Art: - Violin, piano, creative arts, art history

Sports: Gymnastics, swimming, tennis, football, rugby 

Lifestyle & Skills: Golf, yoga, drama, ballet, chess, coding & robotics

Inspire Their Sense of Adventure

✔ Skiing

✔ Fencing

✔ Sailing

✔ Horse Riding

✔ Archery

✔ Polo

With the help of carefully vetted external specialists they’ll explore exciting pursuits, including:

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In order to provide a world-class educational experience, some of these activities are hosted at venues like Jumeirah Beach Hotel, and Madinat Jumeirah. 

Safe, premium, private transportation is provided to enable a seamless learning experience throughout the day.

Testimonials and Google Reviews

“The Harvard of early and primary education”

Gorjan Pavlic

"When we started Masterminds, we knew they were a great school. But after 2 years now, being proud part of it as a parent of a student, we see that this School is so much more. Every single employee is amazing, dedicated, knowledgeable and very kind. I as a parent can not thank them enough for being part of our child's most important part of life. Thank You” 

Taura Juzeliunaite

"Before joining Masterminds, we reviewed 7-8 different schools and Masterminds by far was a few steps ahead of than any other schools. The mentality of the team, approach to kids, and facilities are extraordinary.
Our daughter felt welcome from the start and first week went really great. Really recommned to try Masterminds if you are looking for different approach school for your child.”

Taught By Our Diverse Team of Expert Teachers 

Our specially trained, highly qualified teachers from a diverse range of backgrounds offer a global tapestry of education. 

With a curriculum enriched by international insights and methodologies, they ensure your child not only achieves academic excellence but also develops essential social skills, embracing a well-rounded development. 

”The kids are smiling more; they have more time for their other interests and hobbies. It is a dream come true.”

”My son has loved every minute of his time with Masterminds VIP. We as parents simply cannot say enough good things about this program. This program has brought out the very best of my son by challenging him in different ways to reach his full potential and begin in different ways to build a solid base. The teachers genuinely love the kids and provide an excellent education and proper environment while teaching them.” 


How are the enrichment activities chosen?

Our enrichment activities are carefully curated to foster holistic development, creativity, and intellectual growth, complementing our innovative curriculum for a well-rounded education. Parents have the flexibility to custom select these activities, ensuring they align with their child's interests and developmental goals. This approach is integral to our mission of preparing students for global success, offering personalized learning experiences that cultivate their unique strengths and abilities.

Can the curriculum be described as "modern alternative education"?

Yes, our curriculum is the epitome of modern alternative education in Dubai, and consists of a sophisticated blend of Nobel Prize-winning research, Advanced Placement (AP), International Baccalaureate (IB), and UK educational standards, forming a modern alternative education framework. It's meticulously designed to nurture, challenge, and develop young minds for remarkable achievements and global readiness.

Is this homeschooling?

Our micro-school model represents the best of both worlds, blending the personalized, tailored approach of homeschooling with the structured, social, and collaborative environment of traditional schooling. This approach ensures a comprehensive, enriched educational experience that meets the diverse needs and preferences of each student.

Can I customize the curriculum for my child?

Yes, our curriculum is fully customizable, tailored to meet your child's individual needs and your aspirations as a parent. This bespoke approach ensures a personalized learning journey that maximizes your child's potential and aligns with their interests and goals.

Will my child receive private tutoring?

Yes, your child can receive private tutoring in any subject, tailored to their learning needs. You can also choose a traveling tutor to accompany them during travels for a seamless educational experience.

Can I discuss my child's needs with the Program Manager?

Yes, you can discuss your child's needs directly with the Program Manager. Contact details are in the brochure for arranging a meeting to align their education with their needs and aspirations.

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Questions Parents Ask